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The great spring weather of the past few days has reminded me of a beautiful Dutch saying: “You should fix the roof when the sun is shining”. When I first heard this expression as a teenager, it didn’t even really stick with me. It made perfect sense to me that work on the roof structure should be tackled when the weather was good. Who tackles such important things as repairing a roof when it’s pouring with rain?


We are living in a time of upheaval, which has once again gained drastic momentum due to the Corona pandemic. In recent years, we have systematically worked on the strategic orientation of our group of companies and accelerated this work once again in the lock down. More online and less travelling has given us the breathing space in the consulting business to reflect on the mission and vision of A&K and to drive change. In the process, this more modern interpretation of the A&K diamond emerged in the course of the continuing discussion.


In supply chain management, the term “distribution-free” procedures typically refers to special forecasting and, above all, safety stock procedures that enable reliable statements to be made even if the prerequisite of a normal distribution of demand for articles does not exist.


The Sihl company from Düren is a strong partner at the side of future-oriented industries and creates innovative solutions through high-quality coatings. More than 350 employees in the Sihl Group contribute to the success of their customers from a wide range of industries in almost every country in the world. From automotive to tourism, from packaging and labels to printing and logistics, customers trust the high-quality coatings and technological know-how of the company based in Düren.

The growth and technological progress of the products led Sihl to the point of analysing how to improve the supply chain processes and the decisive competitive advantage “delivery time”. On the one hand, this was triggered by different, country-specific ERP systems and the associated fricti


In supply chain and material planning we always talk about the importance of master data maintenance. But might there be an alternative? Let us forget about master data maintenance for a moment and let us rely on the experience of the planners to take the right decisions. This is, what practically happens in many companies


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"A&K showed us the path to having the clearest possible understanding of our inventory. The fact that A&K also implemented and achieved the results together with us was a decisive factor."

Fabian Ossen

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"Through A&K's simulation approach, we were able to jointly develop and implement a differentiated and simulative scheduling framework optimized for high supply chain efficiency."

Mathias Köthe

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