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For the optimal lot size, let’s take a look at economic lot sizing procedures. Optimal lot size and economic lot-sizing procedures – how do they work?   Economic lot-sizing procedures for the total cost reduction of warehousing and procurement or set-up costs offer a large, mostly untapped potential for cost reduction. In order to apply

Inventories are dead capital and cost money. Manufacturers as well as retailers invest an additional 19 to 30% of their average inventory value annually in inventory costs (Fig.1). Consequently, profit can be increased by up to 30% of the reduced inventory value when inventories fall and can free up to 100% of liquid funds. The best starting point for an inventory reduction is a strategic inventory analyses by means of logistic simulation and, based on this, improved sales forecasts, and the correct setting of planning and scheduling parameters in the ERP-system. This is confirmed by the rolling project evaluation of Abels & Kemmner.


1st order exponential smoothing is a time series analysis technique that can be used in materials management to forecast future demand.


The funnel model describes the behavior of a production capacity with respect to the processing of production orders in the form of an analogy model of a water funnel.


Buyers like to talk about money being earned in purchasing. But is that really true? I claim: All partners in a supply chain bear their costs together! Is there a better example of the fact that a favorable purchase price does not necessarily save money than the EU Commission’s purchasing strategy for Corona vaccines in


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"A&K showed us the path to having the clearest possible understanding of our inventory. The fact that A&K also implemented and achieved the results together with us was a decisive factor."

Fabian Ossen

Supply Chain Manager

"Through A&K's simulation approach, we were able to jointly develop and implement a differentiated and simulative scheduling framework optimized for high supply chain efficiency."

Mathias Köthe

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