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We live in a data- and algorithm-driven economic world. Data and algorithms also play an essential role in the planning and control of value chains in companies and of global supply chains. Work on improving algorithms has been ongoing for many years; the functionality of supply chain management software, from ERP systems to specialised APS

MRP parameter optimisation by means of simulation

The rescheduling tolerance refers to a difference in dates between the original target delivery date of a current purchase order and the changed requirement date of this purchase order or the target completion date of a current production order and the changed requirement date of this production order, below which the ERP or MRP system

Rescheduling Tolerance

It is depressing to witness the collapse of supply chains live. The majority of production and trading companies are affected. The initially justified hope for an improvement of the worldwide supply problems has died again with the next crisis. And an end to this situation is not in sight for a long time; it may

It is time to stop improvising!

Do you also constantly monitor your forecast accuracy? Do you also ask yourself which key figure best measures forecast accuracy? Forget this way and do it right straight away! In principle, there seems to be nothing wrong with measuring forecast accuracy, because if you don’t measure a target value, you can’t judge whether you have improved.

Forecast accuracy – this metric doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Ensuring High Delivery Capacity In The Product Portfolio With As Little Capital Tied Up As Possible – A Cost-Effective AI-Supported Methodology Opens Up New Possibilities   High delivery readiness is of decisive importance for a competitive position in the technical trade business. The best strategy would be to always have sufficient delivery capacity for each and

Ensuring High Delivery Capacity With As Little Capital Tied Up As Possible


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"A&K showed us the path to having the clearest possible understanding of our inventory. The fact that A&K also implemented and achieved the results together with us was a decisive factor."

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"Through A&K's simulation approach, we were able to jointly develop and implement a differentiated and simulative scheduling framework optimized for high supply chain efficiency."

Mathias Köthe

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