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The ideal image of modern production logistics is characterised by the idea of market-synchronised production: we produce what the market needs. Ideally, not in advance, but just in time. This ideal vision of market-synchronised production is hardly feasible in any company today – if it ever was. Customers and markets are far too impatient. They

The five basic strategies for the economic optimisation of a supply chain

Forecast accuracy describes the deviation of a forecast from the later actual values. Forecast accuracy is expressed by a forecast error, which measures how much a forecast deviates from the later actual values. A forecast accuracy and a forecast error always refer to a specific forecast period, e.g. a three-month forecast. In practice, forecast errors

Short and sweet: Forecast Accuracy

Efficient supply chain management is demonstrated by a planning chain that runs as automated as possible, from sales forecasting (demand planning) to replenishment (supply planning).  Supply chain management must be effective and efficient. The effectiveness of supply chain management can be recognised by a high product availability with as little inventory as possible. Inventories serve as organisational lubricant and a

Demand Planning and Supply Planning – how to boost your ERP-System

Where do you start with risk management in the supply chain ecosystem, where do you stop? Looking at your own supply chains is not really enough. The turmoil of the last few months in the global supply chain networks, caused by Covid-19, accidents in production plants, freighter disasters and natural catastrophes have once again made

Risk management in the supply chain ecosystem

The Stock turn rate, also called inventory turnover or  stock rotation rate, is a key figure in inventory management that expresses how many times per year the stock of an item is renewed. The inventory turnover is calculated by dividing the annual turnover or annual consumption value by the current or average stock level at

Short and sweet: Stock turn rate


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