Simulation made simple

We make supply chains and logistical processes more computable

A&K uses simulation in selected scenarios to calculate and rate your supply chain and logistical processes, value stream alternatives, management philosophies, methods and parameters. This enables us to identify, quantify and realise potentials in a very short time.

Analysis and Construction of the Supply Chain using Dynamic Simulation

Analysis and Construction of the Supply Chain using Dynamic Simulation

In order to …

  • optimise planning and managing of the value chain and / or its architecture;
  • adapt your value chain to customer requirements and logistical costs;
  • improve your product portfolio logistically, if necessary;

we analyse the logistical system and its inter-dependencies, make it computable, identify the right variables to optimise the overall system and adjust it appropriately.

Even with widely fluctuating demand patterns and complex value chains, we are able to improve logistics, supply chain and MRP performance with the help of our self-developed simulation system DISKOVER SCO, which has been continuously upgraded for over 15 years. By means of DISKOVER we are able to dynamically simulate the behaviour of the entire logistical value chain. We retrieve the required data directly from your ERP system, e.g. SAP, which we use to map your current value stream in detail and go through it dynamically on the basis of your actual historical data.

This way, we analyse and simulate the logistical and financial consequences of any kind of changes in, e.g. the MRP-configuration, the value stream configuration or mere changes of master data in order to achieve optimal logistical and supply chain solutions.

Simulating the entire logistical business model and thus determining operational efficiency as well as logistically influenced costs enables us to

  • evaluate different alternatives of action and optimise them,
  • secure and accelerate decisions and
  • shorten the time period between concept and resulting benefits.

Specific applications may include:

On a strategic level

On an operational level


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