Selected projects

The Abels & Kemmner consultancy has completed many tasks in its 20 years of history. On this page, you will find a small selection of our projects, comprised in case studies.

In these case studies, the participating Abels & Kemmner consultants give you a first-hand impression of the tasks we typically solve, the steps we take and how we translate our approach to quality and consulting into practice. The individual case studies can be found on the right.

Bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle

Derby Cycle is Germany’s biggest manufacturer of bicycles and among Europe’s biggest manufacturers. Derby Cycle has escaped the competition in costs and amounts by repositioning in mass customisation. In terms of logistics and production this means an increase of variety and flexibility of building cycles. To meet these demands plus the increasing distribution to the paint shop and decoration, the bicycle manufacturer asked A&K to support and coach the team during the optimisation.

Consumer electronics – Medion

MEDION AG is one of the few companies which offer a wide range of consumer electronics as well as IT. Excellent after-sales service is a good way of standing out in the consumer electronics branch. For this reason MEDION rates the supply of spare parts very highly. Yet it is not easy to provide the perfect amounts of spare parts for these products: short life cycles, costly spare parts and hardly predictable demands are the charactaristics of this trade. Still, MEDION and Abels & Kemmner did develop an intelligent and innovative solution for the procurement of spare parts yet.

Corsetry – Anita Dr. Helbig

Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH produces and sells corsetry and swimwear in plus size cups and sizes for expectant and nursing mothers as well as young, fashion conscious women with larger bust sizes and women of more robust build who need support. ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH decided to assist and improve their material planning and scheduling with DISKOVER SCO (Supply Chain Optimizer) and thus implement scientifically verified distributionless forecast procedures to achieve even better sales forecasts.

Drugmakers – Heel

The drugmaker Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH is sited in Baden-Baden, which operates as production and distribution site for over 60 countries. Having 160 eployees, Heel is one of Germany’s leading companies of naturopathical healthcare. Abels & Kemmner aided by conducting an external review in Heel’s biggest production site in Baden-Baden, focussing on the assessment of the suply chain’s efficiency and possible options for improvement.

Glassmaker – Schott

Having engaged more than 1.000 employees, SCHOTT-Rohrglas GmbH is one of the Upper Palatinate’s biggest companies, producing bubble tubes and glass tubes, e. g. for Cold Cathod Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) you find in TFT displays. You cannot turn a melting end for glass furnaces off or on in a wink. Just as little can you change the following steps of production to work on demand on short notice. And yet it is possible to reduce stocks of produced articles and achieve a readiness for delivery of 95 percent at the same time without compromising the delivery dates or the production process. Abels & Kemmner’s project team has proved this at SCHOTT-Rohrglas.

Home and gardening – GAH

Starting out as a smithyfor bolts in 1852 in a part of western Germany called ‘Sauerland’, the range of goods now contains over 6.500 products for home and gardening. One challenge GAH faced were excess stocks. You can easily reduce these massively on a short term by attacking the biggest stock drivers with the appropriate measures. With A&K’s aid, GAH Alberts did not only reduce stocks drastically in a very short time, but also established a highly elaborated system of planning and scheduling which ensures permanently low stocks.

Industrial bakery – Kronenbrot

The industrial bakery Kronenbrot, located in Würselen near Aachen, is a traditional family business. Today, the company bakes bread for North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Belgium, the Netherlands and France in Würselen, Cologne and Witten. A large range of products and variety reigns the business processes of the industrial bakery Kronenbrot. To make sure that this high amount of customer orientation did not annihilate the profit, the product range needed a thorough review. Abels & Kemmner aided the family business in this task and thus improved the companys ability to compete.

Industrial textiles – Mehler Texnologies

The Mehler Texnologies GmbH, headquarters in Hückelhoven, near Aachen, produces coated textiles in variety. These special textiles are used for tarpaulins, awnings and blinds. The mid-sized company employs about 600 people all over the world. Due to the high transparency of DISKOVER SCO, Mehler Texnologies now handles its logistical parameters expertedly to improve readiness for delivery, reduce stocks sustainably and reduce planning efforts. However, prior to the implementation of DISKOVER SCO, which Mehler’s planners claim to be a weapon against high stocks instead of just a tool, much work had to be done.

Laboratory equipment – Thermo

Thermo Fisher Scientific (former Thermo Electron) is a high-tech company in Bremen, producing mass spectrometers for different areas of application. Since the 90′s, Thermo Fisher Scientific has been refocussing on its main competences technology, product development and marketing, thus reducing production depth. However, reducing production depth does not automatically lead to lean internal materials management. For this reason, the company charged the supply chain specialists of Abels & Kemmner with designing new logistical processes and monitoring their implementation. Stocks were reduced by 46 percent within seven months.

Machine tools manufacturing – Chiron

Chiron GmbH & Co KG is one of Germany’s biggest producers of machine tools. About 1.500 employees work for the middle class company from Tuttlingen. In order to implement the JIT assembly of tool arms which are needed to change the components in CNC production centres as well as reconfigure the supply and production of the required parts and components, A&K has established a Kanban system running on SAP first.

Manufacturer of taps – Hansa

The Hansa Metallwerke AG produces artful high quality taps and innovative sprinkler and shower systems. The restructuring of Hansa Metallwerke AG’s business processes had the intended side-effect of notably and sustainably reducing stocks. With the combination of a new process design, the optimisation of planning procedures and the improvement of IT support, Abels & Kemmner has established lasting and effective improvement.

Manufacturer of taps – Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe, a company sited in Schiltach in the Black Forest (Germany), has required a reputation as one of the main innovators in technology and design of sanitary taps, sprinklers and shower systems during its 109 years of history. After Abels & Kemmner aided with a successful change of the supply chain to pull-procedures, Hansgrohe as one of the worlds leading tap specialists decided to take one step further towards an optimised supply chain: The innovative company integrated its suppliers by implementing a Kanban-System.

Medical supplier Serag-Wiessner

The Serag-Wiessner KG produces and distributes with about 200 employees in its headquarters in Naila (Frankonia, Germany) surgical suture material, textile implants for the pelvical floor and medical infusions. The product range of suture material and textile implants contains about 3.000 items which differ in thread type and size, lenght and combination of thread and needle. Of these items, 1.500 must be stored in a warehouse and ready for delivery within 24 to 48 hours, as hospitals, practitioners and wholesellers at home and abroad need these materials quickly. Due to intelligent solutions and support, Abels & Kemmner aided Serag-Wiessner in balancing logistical parameters like stocks, readiness to deliver and effort perfectly.

Reengineering at Montblanc

Montblanc is a known manufacturer of exclusive writing utensils. Montblanc’s pens are amongst the most treasured and expensive writing utensils in the world; Montblanc is a known manufacturer of exclusive writing utensils. Montblanc’s pens are amongst the most treasured and expensive writing utensils in the world. There are 950 employees in Germany and 3.000 all over the world. Abels & Kemmner optimised the management of delivery readiness and inventory as well as the process control at Montblanc-Simplo GmbH in Hamburg

Switching devices – Driescher

Fritz Driescher GmbH & Co. KG, a producer of switching devices, has gained a value stream which runs along with the market as well as calmer production procedures with Abels & Kemmner’s aid.