Improved planning and control of your entire internal and inter-company supply chain

DISKOVER® SCO assists you in adjusting your supply chain correctly and systematically, starting with procurement, covering production and logistics, and reaching distribution. The software suite is one of the most powerful advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems on the market right now. Based on research conducted at RWTH Aachen University, DISKOVER has been continuously enhanced for 20 years.

These are some of its key features: DISKOVER® SCO helps

  • to reduce inventory
  • to increase your service level,
  • to enhance capacity utilisation,
  • to automate your planning and control processes and
  • to tune forecasting, planning and scheduling parameters into your ERP system.
DISKOVER SCO - planning and scheduling made easy

DISKOVER SCO – planning and scheduling made easy

DISKOVER® SCO supports you with the following integrated modules:

  • DF – Demand Forecasting
    Calculation of reliable statistical demand forecasts
  • SF – Sales Forecasting
    Involvement of sales in the sales and demand forecasts
  • IFD – Forecasting of initial and end-of-live demands
    Generation of demand forecasts for new items, spare parts and total end of life requirements of parts
  • RP – Replenishment
    Simulative and operational inventory control
  • DTB – Optimisation of forecasting and scheduling parameters
    Optimisation of the item-specific ERP system settings for forecasting and scheduling;
    Automatic maintenance of parameters
  • PA – Portfolio Analysis
    Data analysis via two- or three-dimensional portfolios
  • CP – Capacity Planning
    Scheduling of lead times with regard to working schedules, capacity utilisation analysis, capacity demand planning, capacity simulation

Triggered by the success of our fifth major software release, DISKOVER® SCO is developed, maintained and supported by our subsidiary SCT Supply Chain Technologies GmbH since 2008.

Please refer to https://www.diskover.eu for further information.