How can I streamline planning and scheduling costs?

You have probably already thinned your processes of unnecessary tasks, eliminated and streamlined process steps and maybe this is not your first time doing it.

To streamline your planning and control processes, like all administrative processes, is not an easy task: You require a higher automation of your planning and control processes. Your ERP system needs correct adjustments first, so it can assist and automatically perform routine tasks reliably. Depending on your ERP system and its complexity, up to 120 parameters and master data will have to be implemented specifically for each item. An impossible task without the right tools.

Let’s talk to each other:
Applying our analysis tools and simulation systems, we are able to determine the correct item-specific settings for your ERP system. Based on these primary settings we compile a rule set for regular and automatic data maintenance of your system. Based on an optimally adjusted and maintained system, we design improved planning and control processes and identify the tasks which require more support or automation.

In the end, costs of planning and control will have decreased by 25 to 45 percent while the quality of planning will have improved. Your employees will finally be able to take care of the more important tasks and their motivation will be higher, because they do not have to deal with routine activities and the correction of faulty planning suggestions from your ERP system any more.

You will see: Success is effortless- all you need is a little help.

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