Fast and reliable results by means of simulation

Our value chain is too expensive…

You are not alone with this problem: The market is demanding faster and faster delivery times for increasingly specialised products. Thus, in many companies the logistical business model does not fit to the company business model any more. The results: Despite everybody’s efforts, costs are rising and in the end, your company loses ground on the market due to poor service levels and less competitive product prices.

A cost-effective value chain is based on a suitable and affordable logistical business model, which has to balance the trade-off between inventory and inventory costs on the one hand and flexibility of procurement and production costs on the other.

Modifying a logistical business model by ‘trial and error’ is too dangerous and will turn your company into a testing ground. The more comfortable, quicker, cheaper and far safer method would be to calculate the impact in advance by simulating the future impacts and results with a computer programme.

Let’s talk to each other:
Twenty years of experience in logistics optimisation enable us to spot strengths and weaknesses of different logistical concepts. Even if you are planning major changes, we will reduce the risks you will have to face.

Using our simulation system, we check and optimise your logistical business model while improving the structure of your value chain. We determine your value chain’s best logistical positioning and adjust your planning and scheduling model to deliver the best possible logistical performance at lowest cost.

You will see: Success is efficient- all you need is a little help.

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