You need more transparency in your logistics?

That is a problem you should resolve quickly. If you cannot measure something, you cannot evaluate it. If you cannot evaluate it, you cannot improve it. If you cannot improve it, it will keep getting worse…

You do not need a lot of KPIs to monitor your entire logistical business model. Some key figures should be monitored constantly, many others only temporarily.

In order to determine the necessary KPIs, you must ensure your ERP system’s master data is up-to-date in the first place. The next important step is to process the data correctly. The key figures should have realistic and properly calculated target values instead of estimations by the management.

In the end, controlling KPIs only makes sense if you hold the people responsible whose activities influence the KPIs’ values.

Detecting problems and weak spots does not always require regularly collected KPIs. However, you need tools that enable you to analyse your data comfortably.

Remember: You can realise all of this without costly business intelligence.

Let’s talk to each other:
We will assist you in creating and implementing an effective and efficient logistics controlling, allowing you to

  • monitor all necessary KPIs as well as the quality of your master data ,
  • actively distribute KPIs to the recipients,
  • calculate and specify reference values ​​for KPIs, such as stocks or service levels, with a dynamic simulation and
  • set up a continuous improvement process.

You will see: Success is transparent- all you need is a little help.

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