Our planners work manually even though we have an ERP system

Does your staff trust your ERP system?

Many employees would rather give up their company’s ERP system than Microsoft’s Excel – a warning signal for every ERP application!

  • Maybe your ERP system is too complicated?
  • Maybe your employees are not properly trained?

Either case may be the true but they have the same result: Your employees do not trust the ERP system and therefore try to make better decisions themselves. This often fails, causing more problems and constant disturbance.

To make sure your employees work willingly and effectively with your ERP system, the planning and scheduling parameters have to be properly set and continuously updated. This cannot be achieved in passing, but requires careful analysis because parameters

  1. have to be defined specifically for each article and
  2. have to be updated on a monthly basis.

Let’s talk to each other:
Our simulation system will aid you in setting your material planning parameters correctly and keep them up-to-date. After a short time, your employees will prefer to work with the ERP system, intervene less and less and finally deal with the actually important problems. The planning process will be faster, more reliable and will require less labour, inventory will be reduced and the customers will appreciate your improved service level.

You will see: Success is easy to schedule- all you need is a little help.

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