Reducing stocks by up to 35 percent

About 80 percent of all companies would be able to reduce inventory by at least 20 percent.

These are figures are proven again and again in our ongoing excess stock analysis. 

Do you want to know …

  • by how much you can reduce your inventory?
  • how much of your excess stock will drain off within six months?
  • how much costs you can save?

We answer those questions at low costs and within hours, if need be.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality

The confidentiality of your information is important to us! We have thus developed various methods to keep your master data secure from prying eyes:
Data transfer to us:

  • Our E:S:A data compression spreadsheet offers complete safety: We only receive a highly compressed data array. Neither we, nor anybody else, can draw conclusions about products or materials nor item prizes from this data array. Of course you can check the compressed array, which will be sent to us, prior to delivery.
  • The compressed data can be send via e-mail without encryption, because it can only be decoded by our E:S:A analysis tool and does not contain any item-specific information anyway.
  • We advice you to digitally sign your e-mail, so that we know your public key for encrypting our response e-mail.

Returning the calculation results to you

  • In case we receive your compressed data via digitally signed e-mail, we will send you the results through encrypted e-mail.
  • Otherwise the presentation results will be sent to you as an encrypted pdf-file via e-mail. With this e-mail we will ask you for a mobile phone number to which we then send the key to open the pdf-file via text message.

We reserve the right, however, to keep your anonymous results and include them into our statistical analysis.

How the excess stock analysis works in detail:

Precise results quickly and with little effort

1. Collect the required data

Only a little amount of information is needed to perform the analysis. If you are interested, please contact us so we can send you the E:S:A data preparation spreadsheet for the collection and compression of your data.

The data compression table automatically performs an initial plausibility check of the inserted data. Please take note of any error messages, as we cannot perform any further detailed plausibility checks on the data once it has been compressed.

( Notes on data security, see left )

2. Send us your compressed data

Please send us your file with the compressed data via email to esa(at) . And do not forget to name a contact person (phone number and e-mail address) for additional questions.

( Notes on data security, see left )

3. Data analysis

We will examine the general plausibility of your data and contact you in case of further enquiry. Then, we will run the compressed data through our E:S:A-analysis program.

4. Documentation and explanation of results

You will receive your results compiled in a presentation, which we are happy to explain in an online meeting.

Determine excess stock at no costs until December 2020

We wish to support the economy in the effort to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Hence, we will not by charging anything for performing an E:S:A analysis until the end of December 2020.

Whether you need an analysis over your whole product range and the whole value chain or simply want an answer for a limited range of items and a segment of your value chain, the E:S:A method works for any set of stored items.

Simply send us an individual data table for each separate analysis you want us to perform. A data table should contain at least 100 materials or item numbers.

For any questions that might occur, please contact us at or phone our offices

The Results of an Excess Stock Analysis

The report you will receive as a result will include:

  • A breakdown of the analysis
  • the basic information about the analysed range of items
  • the achievable decrease potenzial of stock
    • within six months (stocks immediately accessible for planning)
    • in total
  • the expectable curve of inventory decrease
  • annual cost savings potential
    • in total
    • if immediately accessible stocks are decreased
  • the expectable development of key numbers
    • increase of liquidity
      • short-, mid- and longterm
    • stock range
      • short-, mid- and longterm
    • stock turnover
      • short-, mid- and longterm
    • improvement of results

Example of Results:

  1. Sensitivity analysis regarding excess stock
  2. Structure of the excess stock
  3. Annual improvement in earnings achievable in the short term
  4. KPI

For any questions that might occur, please contact us at or phone our offices

Thank you very much for your interest in our Excess Stock Analysis E:S:A:!

On this site, you can sign-in for an excess stock analysis. All you need to do is fill out the form below:


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After you have dispatched the order, we will send you an email containing the link to our E:S:A: info space. Please notice the NDA as well as the tables for data entry and initial consolidation provided for download.

If you should not receive the email within 6 hours after dispatching the filled out form above, please contact us at esa[at]

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