The new standards in supply chain
management after Corona

survey findings

Challenges on the way out of the crisis

Long-term changes in the supply chain world

In cooperation with AWF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wirtschaftliche Fertigung), we have decided to schedule three online-workshops in mid April 2020. Representatives for 23 companies have participated in these workshops, which were essential for the gathering of possible expectations and hypotheses regarding the development of  supply chain management and operations on their way out of and after the Corona crisis. Based on the results, we have performed a survey from April 20th to April 24th in 2020, in order to obtain a broad range of opinions on the presented expectations and hypotheses. The invited participants work in industrial enterprises and wholesales as members of production, logistics, supply chain management, procurement and process planning. A small group of participants are consultants, mainly occupied with logistics, supply chain management and lean management. The number of participants totals to 250 persons. We present and interpret the findings of the survey in the following PDF document:

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