Eliminate causes – identify measures

A company is a complicated network of men, machines, materials, methods and money. Changes in customers, suppliers, employees, as well as regulations increase complexity and dynamics – a major challenge for management. Everything seems to be interconnected … so, where should one begin to eliminate weaknesses?

Constraint analysis of material stream

Constraint analysis of material stream

Solving this Gordian knot requires a powerful tool like the constraint analysis. A&K’s consultants use the constraint analysis to identify bottlenecks either in your organisation, your business processes or your material and information flow, displaying them in a cause-and-effect-network. In this way, we can identify your core problems and improve them systematically.
Our experience shows, that it takes neither vast efforts nor a multitude of efforts to improve operational throughput, logistics or planning processes.

The key levers of the constraint analysis:

If you eliminate the known root causes, countless other problems that would have to be dealt with in several subprojects and separate steps during a conventional process analysis will simply solve themselves.

Constraint analysis also enables A&K to determine crucial starting points to improve the logistic business model, optimise business processes and increase cost effectiveness, even in complex situations.

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