Reengineering at Montblanc

Mission (im)possible with DISKOVER 4.1

Montblanc is a known manufacturer of exclusive writing utensils. Montblanc’s pens are amongst the most treasured and expensive writing utensils in the world. The company was founded by Claus-Johannes Voss, Christian Lausen and Wilhelm Dziambor in 1906. There are 950 employees in Germany and 3.000 all over the world.

Abels & Kemmner optimised the management of inventories, for deliveries to be more punctual as well as the process control at Montblanc-Simplo GmbH in Hamburg. Production planning and storage along the entire supply chain were significantly altered during the reengineering process . Central planning was revalued, demand planning became more precise and linked to SAP R/3 (SOP) with the help of DISKOVER. Peaks of demand as well as supply bottlenecks can now be spotted at a much earlier stage and thus often prevented – despite a wide variety and seasonal business.

The implementation of kanban controlling for the production of components as well as the JIT principle for the final assembly of the products laid the foundation for Montblanc’s improved service level, shorter cycle times and reduced stocks. Potential stock reduction amounts to 48 percent of the stock value at the beginning of the project.

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