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DISKOVER reduces stocks

Thermo Fisher Scientific (former Thermo Electron) is a high-tech company in Bremen, producing mass spectrometers for different areas of application.

Since the 90′s, Thermo Fisher Scientific has been refocussing on its main competences technology, product development and marketing, thus reducing production depth. However, reducing production depth does not automatically lead to a lean internal material management. For this reason, the company charged the supply chain specialists of Abels & Kemmner with designing new logistical processes and monitoring their implementation.

Early results at the end of the initial project phase already showed that stock had reduced by 46 percent within seven months. The target stock, which Abels & Kemmner determined with the simulation tool DISKOVER, is a reduction from the initial stock of more than 60 percent – a great success!

If you are interested in receiving the whole case study in a PDF file, please download it below:

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