Corsetry – Anita Dr. Helbig

DISKOVER SCO Increases Service Levels Significantly

Hardly any other industry is as dependent on the correct assessment of sales potentials as the clothing industry is. For this reason, the Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH decided to support their sales planning with the forecast and material planning system DISKOVER SCO. Thus, scientifically based and distribution-free forecast procedures enable the company to forecast the customers‘ expectations as well as possible. The special knack of this installation is the black-box working in the background.  Consequently, there is no additional need for training in the appropriate distribution methods, as the system works autonomously.

The Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH produces and sells corsetry and bathing clothes in larger cups and sizes for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for women post breast surgery, young fashionistas with bigger chests and strong women with a need for relief. Since the expert in corsetry makes to stock, it depends upon a high quality of planning to keep stock from skyrocketing and to be able to deliver to its’ customers in time yet. A rising number of items due to innovations in design and colour adds to the problem and increases the number of material planning cycles. The increase of variety also increases irregularity and thus makes an appropriate estimate of the sales quota per material planning cycle more difficult. In the past, the sales figures were calculated by taking the average of the past values. Trends in sales per item could only be recognized very late and in combination with the increasing number of changes in products planning quality plunged. This led to increased stock levels of not-moving items and low service levels of frequently demanded items, irritating the customers and decreasing demand.

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