Consumer electronics – Medion

EoL procurement for spare part supply

Excellent after-sales service is a good way of standing out in the consumer electronics branch. For this reason MEDION rates the supply of spare parts very highly. Yet it is not easy to provide the perfect amounts of spare parts for these products: short life cycles, costly spare parts and unpredictable demands are the characteristics of this trade. Still, MEDION and Abels & Kemmner developed an intelligent and innovative solution for the procurement of spare parts.

MEDION AG is one of the few companies offering a wide range of consumer electronics as well as IT. MEDION focuses in its product range on the following groups:

  • PC/Multimedia (e.g. personal computers, notebooks, monitors, scanner, printers, software etc.)
  • consumer electronics (e.g. TVs, flat- and plasmascreens, DVD players and TiVo etc.)
  • communications technology (e.g. satellite systems, decoders, telephones, fax machines, answering machines).

If you are interested in receiving the whole case study in a PDF file, please download it below:

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