Scheduling 4.0 for Factory 4.0

Scheduling “Crashed” in the Computer by Simulation to Determine Optimized Parameter Settings

by Prof. Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner and Prof. Dr. Gerrit Sames

The implementation of a digital factory (factory 4.0) concept requires automatic
scheduling (Scheduling 4.0). Two management experts explain that
this term does not just describe a vision but is a reality already. In the best
case, the extra revenue from this essential exercise can finance a company’s
digitalization strategy.

Today we are on the threshold of a new automation phase in industry, for which the
buzzwords “factory 4.0” or “industry 4.0” have been coined. According to Siemens, “
Factory 4.0” means achieving production advantages through connected, flexible, dynamically
self-organizing production of highly individualizable products. The essential
technical bases for “factory 4.0” are known by two other buzzwords: cyber-physical systems
and the internet of things. Put simply, the two terms refer to independent communication
between different components (software, mechanical and electronic elements)
in the production, value and supply chains.

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