Planning parameters optimisation

Tools for adjusting planning parameters

The perfect material planning has two goals: it is supposed to maintain the demanded readiness for delivery and keep stocks as low as possible at the same time.

As stock lists usually contain many thousands of items, keeping every single forecast and planning parameter up to date and optimised is beyond the ERP systems settings and even beyond the material planners experience. Depinding on the ERP system, each item has between 30 and 130 of these parameters. Configuring them according to the numerous, company specific influences and dependences requires expert knowledge and mathematically exact forecasts.

Main challenge: If an item’s characteristics change, which happens to about ten percent of them each month, planning parameters and logistical main data have to be redetermined and transferred to the system. Which implicates that the material planners actually need consistant support of service providers or tools, who take care of the item specific planning parameters, keeping them up to date and loading them into the system. Only then material planning may receive the best results.

Keeping the huge number of total parameters in mind, this task cannot be tackled manually. For this reason, any tool offered by Abels & Kemmner for the optimisation of planning parameters includes an automatic update of the ERP system in use. Prof. Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner explains in this article the differences between the A&K-Toolbox and DISKOVER and where each of them has its domain.

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