A mountain of planning parameters

Eight steps to the solution

How can we actually treat our material planners and schedulers like this? Imagine there were only four master data sets for material planning in SAP. This still would make 60 master data arrays per item. Then add the master data required for process planning, forecasts, information, order books and so on. That makes, depending on the total number of items and currently used features, from 100.000 up to one million bits of data your average material planner has to take care of and keep up to date. Which means, there is more data for him to keep accurate than he has minutes of time for work in a whole year!

This is only a short look at the quantity. Taking the quality of data into the account as well, adds another dimension to this immense challenge. The material planner is also ordered to enter the correct data and make the right decisions for each item each day. And making the right choice is not the easiest of daily tasks, as many parameters depend on and influence each other. Looking at this mountain of data, this task can only lead to exhaustion. But how does a man react to such situations? He simplifies the task. Which means that most companies work with few alternative methods in material planning and scheduling – a big mistake.

A&K’s CEO Dr. Bernd Reineke has developed a simple plan, containing eight steps, to readjust things and make planning and scheduling more comfortable.

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