Improving revenue in the short-term and protecting it in the long run

A&K has extensive experience in the field of corporate restructuring. Our experience shows that poor operational performance mostly brings a company to its knees, whereas financing problems are simply the consequence.

Experience has proven that – beyond sales – there are always three performance deficits to blame: the product portfolio, the architecture of the value chain and material management plus shop-floor performance. Based on decades of industry experience as well as field-tested practices and procedures for process and operational performance improvement, A&K’s consultants restructure industrial and wholesale companies quickly and effectively.

Why constraint management and restructuring?

Why constraint management and restructuring?

Due to the economic crisis, the increasingly fierce international competition in industry as well as Basel II and III, a neutral assessment of the economic efficiency of industrial plants as well as the identification of possibilities to improve efficiency gains increasing importance. A&K’s consultants are authorised experts for the economic assessment of manufacturing companies.

Restructuring of companies

A&K assists companies, investors, banks and liquidators with any commercial and organisational tasks that aim to improve the competitive position.

Speed and efficiency go without saying: Based on an analysis of the symptoms of crises and its causes,

  • we take immediate action to improve liquidity,
  • we initiate immediate measures to improve competitive performance,
  • we work out restructuring and business plans,
  • we spur the course by means of project and interim management or advisory committee / board engagements
  • we look for and look after interested investors.

For a successful restructuring, A&K

  • adjusts your product portfolio,
  • optimises the value chain,
  • eliminates bottlenecks and improves the added value on executive, planning and IT level,
  • reduces waste,
  • establishes precise controlling and
  • lowers the marginal operating rate.

Economic assessment of industrial facilities

A&K supplies companies, investors, banks, liquidators and courts with economic opinion, restructuring reports and continuance forecasts for purchase or sale of industrial companies, for communication with banks and for performance-related due diligence. This includes, for example,

  • identification and initiation of liquidity improvements
  • improvement of the relationship between company and credit institutions,
  • determination of productivity improvements in industrial companies, including procurement and production logistics, sales, distribution, and product portfolio
  • evaluation of profitability of investment projects,
  • assessment of the feasibility and effectiveness of restructuring measures.




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