Specialists lend a helping hand

Supply chain management (SCM) is a complex challenge, even for professionals. Interdependencies along the company’s entire value chain are sometimes hard to determine and yet cause multiple effects.

A&K’s consultants know the dependencies of every little link in a value chain – from supplier to customer (see image). They are particularly aware of any regulating screw and know how to adjust this complex system  – in any area of concern. Two strategic perspectives on the challenge are most important: the specialist’s view as well as the gerneralist’s view. A&K’s consultants unite these perspectives in the best way possible – to your benefit!

Very important for you: A&K makes your supply chain predictable! We use our outstanding simulating system to vet every possible solution before implementing the best one.

In this way, A&K helps you to identify, release and sustainably ensure the potentials along your managerial and corporate supply chain.

A supply chain in sync with the market

A supply chain in sync with the market

What you can expect from us:

  • rapid identification of vulnerabilities
  • detecting quick wins
  • new methods and approaches
  • simulative and thus faster optimisation of concepts
  • sustainable implementation of solutions
  • mapping of new processes to the SAP / ERP environment
  • implementation of customised IT solutions.

The following principles create the foundation of our work ethos:

Personal counseling
credibility, transparency, speed

responsibility for project’s success

personal as well as professional confidence

Theory and practice
linking both sides

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