Specialists who see the big picture

Abels & Kemmner was founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR eV) at the RWTH Aachen University by the two engineers and economists Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner and Dr. Helmut Abels.

In 2001, Dr. Abel retired from the company and took over the chair of production management at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Dr. Bernd Reineke, also an engineer and economist, has taken over his interests and his position as managing partner.

Originally focused on the automotive supplier industry, A&K’s specific means and methods of analysis, optimisation and implementation quickly met the needs and interests of other sectors as well. Today A&K operates throughout Europe for manufacturing and wholesale enterprises.

Today, Abels & Kemmner focuses on two areas: Supply chain and logistics optimisation as well as restructuring and productivity improvement. This linkage of specialist knowledge with general management issues characterises the work of all A&K consultants.

Independent jurors have acknowledged these skills, too. Our customers have won several best practice awards for solutions which were developed and implemented by Abels & Kemmner: Siemens in 1999, Witte-Velbert in 2001, Würth Belgium in 2007, and Wolf heating technology 2011.

In 2005, A&K opened an office in London to focus specifically on the UK market.

Abels & Kemmner is one out of 23 German consultancy which has been awarded TOP Consultant for the German Mittelstand in 2013, 2014/15 and just recently 2016.

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