Continuous development of methods in research and practice

Abels & Kemmner is a member of the FIR Society and the FIR-Solution-Group.

The FIR Society is an affiliated institute to the RWTH Aachen University, reseaching practical issues of business organisation and the development of a company. The institute’s prime directive is to develop methods which enhance, maintain and restore the competitiveness of small and mid-sized companies.

To maintain a close relationship between research and practical experience, the Institute for Industrial Management, FIR, at the RWTH Aachen University and its spin-offs have banded together in the FIR-Solution-Group.

Based on RWTH Aachen University’s idea of rationalisation, the FIR-Solution-Group is a community of interests in which the FIR is also the common denominator in the partners’ expertise. Main objectives of this community are to jointly research and develop practice-oriented matters, to lastingly occupy relevant topics and to develop innovative products in collective R&D activities.

The members of the FIR-Solution-Group are cooperating in

  • industrial and research projects
  • reviews of research projects on usability and feasibility in practice as well as
  • subject-related communication to ensure continuous development.
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