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With a passion for your success

In over 20 years, we have collected knowledge and experience in more than two hundred projects in various industries, optimising supply chains and logistics in companies of all sizes.

Feasibility and sustainability have always been the main targets of our projects. We want to understand your logistical problems accurately, so we can aid you in finding the most pragmatic solution. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants follow these goals and cope with critical situations and issues. We have successfully served medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations.

Common Potentials for Improvement

Common Potentials for Improvement

A&K understands the unique logistical challenges of many industries, always providing custom solutions. We work with scientific concepts and methods of lasting effect (see journal articles and case studies) and will adapt these to your practical needs. We can assure you, they will prove their worth every day.

We also develop software modules that support and improve your supply chain, simulate important scenarios and make our shared success measurable.

Trust in our experience – we will make you ready for global challenges!

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